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Montessori Education

Montessori education stresses independence, decision-making and self-discipline. The child is given the opportunity to grow intellectually, emotionally, psychosocially as well as physically in a carefully planned and prepared environment.

Think of the child as a seed and the world around him as soil. The seed is genetically programmed to produce a certain kind of plant, but the quality of that plant is determined by the soil in which it grows. If the seed is planted in enriched and well-tended soil, the plant grows to be big, strong, healthy and beautiful. From this we see the value of the “prepared environment” of a Montessori classroom. The child is lovingly encouraged to explore the various activities at his own pace and with his own special gifts of perception and understanding. So each child gains from his classroom experience his very own personalized view of the world, helping him grow into a thoughtful, creative, self-motivated, confident adult.