Mission Statement

The International Association of Progressive Montessori promotes and maintains the highest standards of Authentic Montessori education, and remains open to the most advanced research and innovations being made in the field of philosophy, psychology and educational theory today. IAPM breaks through the rigidity of traditional education and sets the human individual free to realize his full potential. Thus, placing no limits on the child.


IAPM advocates the wider vision of Dr. Montessori; that of recognizing the importance of the child as the builder of world peace which is essential to the future progress of mankind and the future transformation of society.


IAPM is committed to the concept of integral education. Teachers must be prepared to facilitate the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychic and spiritual development of the child.

IAPM supports affiliated Teacher Training Institutes in their commitment to preparing well trained, responsible, compassionate and professional Montessori Teachers.

IAPM supports affiliated schools for children, and makes available to both teachers and parents resources that are helpful and supportive professionally.

IAPM approves and authorizes didactic and curriculum materials made in adherence with Montessori principles.

IAPM organizes conferences for the purpose of educating the public and offering inspiration to teachers and school administrators to renew their commitment to practice and promote Authentic Montessori.