About IAPM

The International Association of Progressive Montessori (IAPM) is a Montessori organization founded by Angela Martin in London in 1962. The name “Progressive Montessori” was chosen as a tribute to Dr. Montessori, who we recognize as the most PROGRESSIVE educator of our time. IAPM is in the forefront of progressive thought in the Montessori movement and is committed to the application of the highest standards and interpretation of the Montessori Method of education, yet open to the most advanced research and innovations being made in the fields of philosophy, psychology and educational theory today.

IAPM extends cooperation to all Montessorians pursuing excellence in the application of Authentic Montessori education in the preparation of teachers. IAPM, in its commitment to the child, affiliates schools for the education of children, and Teacher Training Institutes for the education of adults in the Montessori Method of education. It also approves and authorizes didactic and curriculum materials made in adherence with Montessori principles. It organizes conferences for the purpose of educating the public and offering inspiration to teachers and school administrators to renew their commitment to practice and promote authentic Montessori.